The New Protagonists

January - 19 - 2011

Idot (Italian Design Dot) is a foundation that spreads in the foreign countries the culture of Italian design. Among the names to represent this very important function also appears Faber furniture, with the belief Allnatt, selected from a group of designers Idot.

“A trip through the Italian contemporary design ‘is’ an important new design book that shows how well you know the 100 projects considered in the wide panorama of the most interesting Italian; aòtresì is a book of nature photography by plotting the nearly 100 photographs taken from 6 to photographers of the Italian Institute of Photography.

Le migliori eccellenze italiane all'estero

Le Marche selezionate a rappresentare l'Italia all'estero

Sweet dreams

January - 19 - 2011

In the January issue of Case&Country Magazine overview of the sleeping area. The article  includes a beautiful canopy bed..

Sogni d'oro

Il letto "Odette" su Case e Country di gennaio 2011

Faber furniture , on the stage of Cittadella (PD) last night, severely tested by the performances of the actors in Blithe Spirit. To confirm the quality of our products, the long tour which continues in all Italian regions has not reported broken at the time .. Great audience participation at the historic Teatro Sociale Via Manzoni (sold out for the occasion) and pleasant time for the entourage of Faber, who had the pleasure to meet the actors after the show. Thanks to Molise Spettacoli and Antonella Piccolo for the umpteenth opportunity.

test sulle sedie Faber a teatro

le sedie Modigliani "testate" a teatro

Wonderful event in Samara, Russia, on 15 November. Faber, in collaboration with Red Italy, meets a selection of Russian architects, to make them “enter” in the world of Faber and show them our new projects for the year 2011. The evening, perfectlyorganized in Grande Ville showroom, continues with a buffet a very original show. Compliment for the wonderful job goes to to Margarita Chernova and her staff, and thanks to all participants at the event.

Faber convention in Russia

Grande Ville convention

La Bacheca di Napoli

Un angolo dello splendido negozio sui colli di Napoli

On the beautiful hills of Capodimonte, you can visit this wonderful workshop and enjoy the taste with Vaccaro family dresses the homes of its customers

“Elite” Furniture

November - 15 - 2010

Elite Magazine, in a special on Saloni Worldwide Moscow 2010, chooses the product of Faber (Grace), a success beyond expectations at the recent fair.

Elite Magazine

Faber on Elite Magazine

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Wrap walls

November - 11 - 2010

Decorated surfaces in the living room, painted and carved panels that cover the Studio, customized the bedroom, interpret the bathroom. The woodwork programs are integral FURNITURE for every room in the house and for all needs.

Ville e Casali di Novembre 2010

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Heart of Eterniy is a classic walnut paneling, cm.270 of height, which makes it warm and welcoming atmosphere. Also available with decorated panels in fabric or leather with custom inlays.

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Once again, Faber is selected by an editorial of the prestigious magazine publishing Morelli. 100 kitchens devotes a special on selected articles from the latest exhibitions and events in 2010, with an emphasis on design functionality in the home for excellence.

Great care and copious flow of customers at the booth Faber in the recent trade fair in Moscow, I Saloni Worldwide at Crocus Fair. Faber Mobili thank all those who have spoken to appreciate our housing solutions.

Crocus 2010

Faber ringrazia tutti gli ospiti intervenuti

Case & Country magazine selected the head of the table from the collection “I Certosini” Faber Furniture, an editorial in the latest edition on newsstands this month.

redazionale Case&Country Ottobre 2010

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