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Luxury Classic Style Brocantage | EN


The pieces of furniture in this collection are made from cherry, oak and fruit tree wood, finished with antiquarian wax.
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  • Adeline

    Showcases Adeline

    Available on request

    Code: BR.0055
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  • Alexane

    Chests / Dresser Alexane

    Available on request

    Code: BR.0352
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  • Outlet


    Chairs-pouff Alexie

    Available on request

    Code: BR.0205
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  • Alix

    Showcases Alix

    Available on request

    Code: BR.0009
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  • Outlet


    Tables Amelie

    Available on request

    Code: BR.0109
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  • Anais

    Others Anais

    Available on request

    Code: BR.0999
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  • Andree

    Tables Andree

    Available on request

    Code: BR.0308.A
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  • Annie

    Chairs-pouff Annie

    Available on request

    Code: BR.0211
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  • Ariane

    Small Tables Ariane

    Available on request

    Code: BR.0309.A
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  • Blanche

    Sideboards Blanche

    Available on request

    Code: BR.0011
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  • Outlet


    Tables Brigitte

    Regular Price: €2,817.00

    Special Price €1,239.00

    Taxes Excluded

    Code: BR.0110.A
  • Camille

    TV Stands Camille

    Available on request

    Code: BR.0353
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  • Outlet


    Chairs-pouff Colorado

    Regular Price: €1,598.00

    Special Price €576.00

    Taxes Excluded

    Code: BR.0777
  • Delphine

    Brocantage Delphine

    Available on request

    Code: BR.0052.C
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  • Desiree

    Chairs-pouff Desiree

    Available on request

    Code: BR.0250
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  • Diane

    Chairs-pouff Diane

    Available on request

    Code: BR.0211.L
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  • Edwige

    Small Tables Edwige

    Available on request

    Code: BR.0309.C
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  • Eliane

    Brocantage Eliane

    Available on request

    Code: BR.0310.C
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  • Elodie

    Sideboards Elodie

    Available on request

    Code: BR.0010.CU
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  • Emilie

    Small Tables Emilie

    Available on request

    Code: BR.0311.C
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  • Evelyne

    Sideboards Evelyne

    Available on request

    Code: BR.0020
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Showing 1 - 36 of 82 Products
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You can customize all Faber finishings. In this section you can find only a limited number of our prestigious Faber Mobili finishings. Colors in the images are for reference only. The displayed colors must be considered just as an indication.

Choose the finishing you prefer.

AntikFinishing code:Antik
Argento Sfumato NeroFinishing code:Argento Sfumato Nero
Argento CornicheFinishing code:Argento Corniche
AvorioFinishing code:Avorio
BiancoFinishing code:Bianco
Blu NotteFinishing code:Blu Notte
Cipria PerlatoFinishing code:Cipria Perlato
CordaFinishing code:Corda
Foglia ArgentoFinishing code:Foglia Argento
Foglia OroFinishing code:Foglia Oro
FranciaFinishing code:Francia
Grigio FaberFinishing code:Grigio Faber
Grigio ScuroFinishing code:Grigio Scuro
LavandaFinishing code:Lavanda
MI 01Finishing code:MI 01
MI 02 NaturaleFinishing code:MI 02 Naturale
MI 01 Sfumato NeroFinishing code:MI 01 Sfumato Nero
NeroFinishing code:Nero
Oro Zecchino Sfumato ArgentoFinishing code:Oro Zecchino Sfumato Argento
Oro Sfumato AvorioFinishing code:Oro Sfumato Avorio
CrequeleFinishing code:Crequele
Oro Sfumato BiancoFinishing code:Oro Sfumato Bianco
Oro Sfumato NeroFinishing code:Oro Sfumato Nero
Oro Zecchino Sfumato Oro PerlatoFinishing code:Oro Zecchino Sfumato Oro Perlato
Oro ZecchinoFinishing code:Oro Zecchino
PD 92Finishing code:PD 92
Oro Perlato ChiaroFinishing code:Oro Perlato Chiaro
Rosso Cina Sfumato NeroFinishing code:Rosso Cina Sfumato Nero
Rosso Corallo Sfumato OroFinishing code:Rosso Corallo Sfumato Oro
Rosso FaberFinishing code:Rosso Faber
Rovere AntikFinishing code:Rovere Antik
SalmoneFinishing code:Salmone
Tabacco SfumatoFinishing code:Tabacco Sfumato
Turchese NormaleFinishing code:Turchese Normale
Verde Inglese AntikFinishing code:Verde Inglese Antik
VerdinoFinishing code:Verdino
VR 96Finishing code:VR 96
Argento Sfumato Nero
Argento Corniche
Blu Notte
Cipria Perlato
Foglia Argento
Foglia Oro
Grigio Faber
Grigio Scuro
MI 01
MI 02 Naturale
MI 01 Sfumato Nero
Oro Zecchino Sfumato Argento
Oro Sfumato Avorio
Oro Sfumato Bianco
Oro Sfumato Nero
Oro Zecchino Sfumato Oro Perlato
Oro Zecchino
PD 92
Oro Perlato Chiaro
Rosso Cina Sfumato Nero
Rosso Corallo Sfumato Oro
Rosso Faber
Rovere Antik
Tabacco Sfumato
Turchese Normale
Verde Inglese Antik
VR 96