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Shipping and delivery of products

All items in our catalog have an approximate delivery time of 60 to 90 days from the order.

We will be careful to observe the punctuality of the times indicated by trying to anticipate them; Please contact Customer Service at +39 0423 410000 or by mail at faber@fabermobili.com before purchasing if delivery times are decisive for your purchase decision.

In order to initiate the shipment procedure, the Seller requests availability to receive the supply: if the availability is not respected, any stock and / or redemption costs will be charged to the customer. The customer is required to authorize the shipment or withdraw the delivery within 30 days of receipt of the warehouse warehouse communication.

Each shipment contains in addition to the products purchased the transport document / accompanying invoice.

Delivery of Products purchased through Seller's Site may take place in different ways.

Customer's home delivery of products purchased with specialized furniture forwarder and couriers to ensure the best service level, but in the case of small packages may also be provided by express courier. For additional information on costs, times and shipping arrangements, the Seller will refer to the Shipping section.

    At the time of receipt of the goods at your place of domicile, Customer is required to verify:

  • The number of packages delivered corresponds to that indicated in the accompanying document.
  • The packaging is intact, not damaged, neither wet nor otherwise altered.

In the event of anomalies, the Customer shall promptly disclose and annotate the same from the courier and reject the delivery. Otherwise, it will not be possible to claim its rights in this regard.

Faber Mobili will endeavor to postpone the goods in the required time, giving priority to replacement. Replacement or product repair times depend solely on the manufacturer's policies.

SHIPPING IS ALWAYS TO BE CONSIDERED ON A ROAD PLAN. Plan deliveries and any fittings (however always available) are to be considered separately.

Delivery at our point of sale and pick-up by Customer in Via Delle Industrie 53, 31010 Fonte (TV) on weekdays at opening times.

Shipping cost

The following table describes the shipping costs, distinct for the geographic areas where Faber Mobili can send the goods, valid for all orders processed.
In addition, the stated costs are to be deemed valid and borne by the Consumer, referring to the Faber Mobili policy for rescues and recesses, as described in section 7 of the General Sales Conditions.

Volume (m³)
0.00 - 0.05
€ 9.00
€ 13.00
0.06 - 0.50
€ 19.00
€ 29.00
0.51 - 1.00
€ 46.00
€ 54.00
1.01 - 1.50
€ 69.00
€ 81.00
1.51 - 2.00
€ 92.00
€ 108.00
2.01 - 2.50
€ 115.00
€ 135.00
2.51 - 3.00
€ 138.00
€ 162.00
3.01 - 3.50
€ 161.00
€ 189.00
3.51 - 4.00
€ 184.00
€ 216.00
4.01 - 4.50
€ 207.00
€ 243.00
4.51 - 5.00
€ 230.00
€ 270.00
5.01 and above
€ 304.00
€ 350.00
Friuli-Venezia Giulia
Molise Molise
Piemonte Piemonte
Trentino-Alto Adige
Valle d'Aosta
Isole Minori
Zone Franche

For all countries outside of Italy Faber Mobili reserves the right to determine the final shipping costs.
For more information, contact Customer Service at +39 0423 410000 or mail at faber@fabermobili.com.



You can customize all Faber finishings. In this section you can find only a limited number of our prestigious Faber Mobili finishings. Colors in the images are for reference only. The displayed colors must be considered just as an indication.

Choose the finishing you prefer.

Antik Finishing code:Antik
Argento Sfumato Nero Finishing code:Argento Sfumato Nero
Argento Corniche Finishing code:Argento Corniche
Avorio Finishing code:Avorio
Bianco Finishing code:Bianco
Blu Notte Finishing code:Blu Notte
Cipria Perlato Finishing code:Cipria Perlato
Corda Finishing code:Corda
Foglia Argento Finishing code:Foglia Argento
Foglia Oro Finishing code:Foglia Oro
Francia Finishing code:Francia
Grigio Faber Finishing code:Grigio Faber
Grigio Scuro Finishing code:Grigio Scuro
Lavanda Finishing code:Lavanda
MI 01 Finishing code:MI 01
MI 02 Naturale Finishing code:MI 02 Naturale
MI 01 Sfumato Nero Finishing code:MI 01 Sfumato Nero
Nero Finishing code:Nero
Oro Zecchino Sfumato Argento Finishing code:Oro Zecchino Sfumato Argento
Oro Sfumato Avorio Finishing code:Oro Sfumato Avorio
Crequele Finishing code:Crequele
Oro Sfumato Bianco Finishing code:Oro Sfumato Bianco
Oro Sfumato Nero Finishing code:Oro Sfumato Nero
Oro Zecchino Sfumato Oro Perlato Finishing code:Oro Zecchino Sfumato Oro Perlato
Oro Zecchino Finishing code:Oro Zecchino
PD 92 Finishing code:PD 92
Oro Perlato Chiaro Finishing code:Oro Perlato Chiaro
Rosso Cina Sfumato Nero Finishing code:Rosso Cina Sfumato Nero
Rosso Corallo Sfumato Oro Finishing code:Rosso Corallo Sfumato Oro
Rosso Faber Finishing code:Rosso Faber
Rovere Antik Finishing code:Rovere Antik
Salmone Finishing code:Salmone
Tabacco Sfumato Finishing code:Tabacco Sfumato
Turchese Normale Finishing code:Turchese Normale
Verde Inglese Antik Finishing code:Verde Inglese Antik
Verdino Finishing code:Verdino
VR 96 Finishing code:VR 96
Argento Sfumato Nero
Argento Corniche
Blu Notte
Cipria Perlato
Foglia Argento
Foglia Oro
Grigio Faber
Grigio Scuro
MI 01
MI 02 Naturale
MI 01 Sfumato Nero
Oro Zecchino Sfumato Argento
Oro Sfumato Avorio
Oro Sfumato Bianco
Oro Sfumato Nero
Oro Zecchino Sfumato Oro Perlato
Oro Zecchino
PD 92
Oro Perlato Chiaro
Rosso Cina Sfumato Nero
Rosso Corallo Sfumato Oro
Rosso Faber
Rovere Antik
Tabacco Sfumato
Turchese Normale
Verde Inglese Antik
VR 96