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Certifications and Warranties

All Faber products have a warranty witch is issued exclusively for the customer and kept inside the furniture.

In addition to this, Faber also provides a manual for preservation and maintenance of forniture, fabrics and leathers.

Research and Project

A Faber product is more than just hand-made: it is a made with the heart. Everything starts from a profound research that examines size, proportions, wood, thickness, assembly techniques and decoration, proceeding into processing steps that reflect a masterly craft in order to create a special, unique and inimitable object.

The passion is combine to the scent of wood, fragrances, and humanity that accompanies every moment of creation, with the confidence to be a creating something unique. Our high quality artifacts and exclusive craftmanship are intended to decorate villas, castles and places around the world.

Carving and Inlay

A high quality masterpiece of furniture reflects tradition in it's processing too. A great manual skill is needed in order to create the caverings: spirals and geometric patterns that up to present day, Faber craftsmen carve by hand.

It's also essentioal to achieve a high performance precision to make inlays: different material inserts that lie underneath the surface of wood.

Environmental Conservation

Faber furniture are environmental friendly. The wood is protected with natural oinments, resins and bee wax.

These natural high quality products stretches the products lifetime and subsequently reduces environmental impact through a diminished consumption of raw materials and energy to restore it.

Ornamental Accessories

Accessories made of brass and bronze such as handles, knobs, plates and keys, donate character and value to the furniture and, owed to their antique look, create a prestigious and romantic style.

Faber pays special attention not only in material and technique, but also in every singular detail. Brass and bronze are chosen for their special performance since they don't tend to cracking or oxidation while the reference style is strictkly respected.


Faber only uses precious wood furniture such as walnut, cherry and oak, carefully dried, aged down to 12% humidity to ensure internal stability in the course of time.

Our company is distinguished for its high quality production based on the ability to process solid wood and on special attention to detail such as the use of interlocking joints.

Modular composition is realized with wood cone joints and with handmade details respecting woodcarving art such as carvings, inlays, dovetail joints, handlaid shellac or the use of antiquarian wax.



You can customize all Faber finishings. In this section you can find only a limited number of our prestigious Faber Mobili finishings. Colors in the images are for reference only. The displayed colors must be considered just as an indication.

Choose the finishing you prefer.

Antik Finishing code:Antik
Argento Sfumato Nero Finishing code:Argento Sfumato Nero
Argento Corniche Finishing code:Argento Corniche
Avorio Finishing code:Avorio
Bianco Finishing code:Bianco
Blu Notte Finishing code:Blu Notte
Cipria Perlato Finishing code:Cipria Perlato
Corda Finishing code:Corda
Foglia Argento Finishing code:Foglia Argento
Foglia Oro Finishing code:Foglia Oro
Francia Finishing code:Francia
Grigio Faber Finishing code:Grigio Faber
Grigio Scuro Finishing code:Grigio Scuro
Lavanda Finishing code:Lavanda
MI 01 Finishing code:MI 01
MI 02 Naturale Finishing code:MI 02 Naturale
MI 01 Sfumato Nero Finishing code:MI 01 Sfumato Nero
Nero Finishing code:Nero
Oro Zecchino Sfumato Argento Finishing code:Oro Zecchino Sfumato Argento
Oro Sfumato Avorio Finishing code:Oro Sfumato Avorio
Crequele Finishing code:Crequele
Oro Sfumato Bianco Finishing code:Oro Sfumato Bianco
Oro Sfumato Nero Finishing code:Oro Sfumato Nero
Oro Zecchino Sfumato Oro Perlato Finishing code:Oro Zecchino Sfumato Oro Perlato
Oro Zecchino Finishing code:Oro Zecchino
PD 92 Finishing code:PD 92
Oro Perlato Chiaro Finishing code:Oro Perlato Chiaro
Rosso Cina Sfumato Nero Finishing code:Rosso Cina Sfumato Nero
Rosso Corallo Sfumato Oro Finishing code:Rosso Corallo Sfumato Oro
Rosso Faber Finishing code:Rosso Faber
Rovere Antik Finishing code:Rovere Antik
Salmone Finishing code:Salmone
Tabacco Sfumato Finishing code:Tabacco Sfumato
Turchese Normale Finishing code:Turchese Normale
Verde Inglese Antik Finishing code:Verde Inglese Antik
Verdino Finishing code:Verdino
VR 96 Finishing code:VR 96
Argento Sfumato Nero
Argento Corniche
Blu Notte
Cipria Perlato
Foglia Argento
Foglia Oro
Grigio Faber
Grigio Scuro
MI 01
MI 02 Naturale
MI 01 Sfumato Nero
Oro Zecchino Sfumato Argento
Oro Sfumato Avorio
Oro Sfumato Bianco
Oro Sfumato Nero
Oro Zecchino Sfumato Oro Perlato
Oro Zecchino
PD 92
Oro Perlato Chiaro
Rosso Cina Sfumato Nero
Rosso Corallo Sfumato Oro
Rosso Faber
Rovere Antik
Tabacco Sfumato
Turchese Normale
Verde Inglese Antik
VR 96