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Right of Withdrawal

7.1 The Customer who signs out the Contract is a Final Consumer (meaning any natural person acting on the Site for purposes other than his / her business or professional activity) will have the right to withdraw from the contract concluded with the Seller, Without any penalty and without specifying the reason, within 14 days from the day of receipt of the products purchased on the site.

7.2 In order to exercise the right of withdrawal, the Customer must send a registered mail to Faber Mobili Srl, via Delle Industrie 53 - 31010 Fonte (TV) within 14 days from the day of receipt of the Products, specifying the no. Orders and the code(s) for which they intend to make use of the right of withdrawal.

7.3 After receipt of the e-mail referred to in the previous article, Customer will receive all instructions for returning the Product(s).

    7.4 The right of withdrawal is subject to the following conditions:

  • Returned Products must be returned in their entirety and not on parts or components thereof, even in the case of kits;
  • Products returned should not have been used, washed or damaged;
  • Returned Products must be returned in their original non-damaged package;
  • Returned Products must be delivered to the courier within fourteen (14) working days from the date you received the products;

7.5 If the Customer's right of withdrawal is exercised in accordance with the above conditions (7.4), the Seller is required to repay the sums paid by the Customer within and not more than 30 days from receipt by the Seller of the returned products. Normally, the re-accrued by the Seller of the amount initially withdrawn is done very quickly, but the times on which the re-credit will actually be visible to the Customer will depend on his bank, credit card institution or Paypal.

7.6 In case of withdrawal the Customer will have only to pay the shipment expenses of the initial order of the purchased products.

7.7 The Seller also undertakes to support the initial shipping costs of the products, solely in the event of damage to the goods due to delivery or errors in shipment by Seller. Only in these cases Seller will also refund the amount that the Customer has paid for shipping expenses. The Seller will send an express courier for the withdrawal of the Product at the address indicated by the Customer.

7.8 For refund, Customer will only be served by the courier indicated by the Seller in the Return Instructions: in this way, the Customer will not have to pay in person the payment of the costs for the refund of the purchased products, because that payment will be made His account, directly from the Seller. Subsequently, the Seller, except for the provisions of paragraph (7.7) above, and for any defective product return, shall withhold the repayment to the Customer for a sum equal to the cost previously incurred for shipment and delivery to the Customer's domicile Products purchased.
In addition, from the time of delivery of the goods purchased to the forwarder indicated by the Seller in the Online Delivery form, the Seller exempts the Customer from any liability in case of loss or damage to the goods during transport.

7.9 The Customer, subject to the conditions of point (7.4), may return products directly to our company.

7.10 In case of withdrawal, the Seller shall provide the corresponding refund within 30 days of the date of receipt by the same of the Products rendered in the manner indicated above by crediting the amount to be refunded with the same payment methods Chosen by the Customer at the time of the Order.

7.11 In case of withdrawal without respecting the above methods (for example over 14 days provided by law or without following instructions for return), the Seller will return to the Customer the Products purchased Charging also the additional shipping charges.

Product warranty

8.1 The Seller is liable for any defect of the products offered on the site, including the non-compliance of the items with the ordered products, in accordance with Italian law.

    8.2 If the Customer has entered into a contract as a Consumer (meaning any natural person acting on the Site for purposes other than his / her business or profession), this warranty is valid on condition that both conditions are met below:

  • The defect occurs within 24 months from the date of delivery of the products;
  • The Customer submits a formal complaint about defects within a maximum of 2 months from the date on which the defect was received by the latter;

8.3 In particular, in the event of non-compliance, the Customer who has entered into the Contract as a Consumer will have the right, at the Seller's discretion, to obtain repair of the products' compliance without charge, repair or replacement.

8.4 All refunding costs for defective products will be incurred by the Seller.


For any information you can contact us at the following address:
Faber Mobili Srl, Via Delle Industrie 53 - 31010 Fonte (TV)
or by mail at faber@fabermobili.com



You can customize all Faber finishings. In this section you can find only a limited number of our prestigious Faber Mobili finishings. Colors in the images are for reference only. The displayed colors must be considered just as an indication.

Choose the finishing you prefer.

Antik Finishing code:Antik
Argento Sfumato Nero Finishing code:Argento Sfumato Nero
Argento Corniche Finishing code:Argento Corniche
Avorio Finishing code:Avorio
Bianco Finishing code:Bianco
Blu Notte Finishing code:Blu Notte
Cipria Perlato Finishing code:Cipria Perlato
Corda Finishing code:Corda
Foglia Argento Finishing code:Foglia Argento
Foglia Oro Finishing code:Foglia Oro
Francia Finishing code:Francia
Grigio Faber Finishing code:Grigio Faber
Grigio Scuro Finishing code:Grigio Scuro
Lavanda Finishing code:Lavanda
MI 01 Finishing code:MI 01
MI 02 Naturale Finishing code:MI 02 Naturale
MI 01 Sfumato Nero Finishing code:MI 01 Sfumato Nero
Nero Finishing code:Nero
Oro Zecchino Sfumato Argento Finishing code:Oro Zecchino Sfumato Argento
Oro Sfumato Avorio Finishing code:Oro Sfumato Avorio
Crequele Finishing code:Crequele
Oro Sfumato Bianco Finishing code:Oro Sfumato Bianco
Oro Sfumato Nero Finishing code:Oro Sfumato Nero
Oro Zecchino Sfumato Oro Perlato Finishing code:Oro Zecchino Sfumato Oro Perlato
Oro Zecchino Finishing code:Oro Zecchino
PD 92 Finishing code:PD 92
Oro Perlato Chiaro Finishing code:Oro Perlato Chiaro
Rosso Cina Sfumato Nero Finishing code:Rosso Cina Sfumato Nero
Rosso Corallo Sfumato Oro Finishing code:Rosso Corallo Sfumato Oro
Rosso Faber Finishing code:Rosso Faber
Rovere Antik Finishing code:Rovere Antik
Salmone Finishing code:Salmone
Tabacco Sfumato Finishing code:Tabacco Sfumato
Turchese Normale Finishing code:Turchese Normale
Verde Inglese Antik Finishing code:Verde Inglese Antik
Verdino Finishing code:Verdino
VR 96 Finishing code:VR 96
Argento Sfumato Nero
Argento Corniche
Blu Notte
Cipria Perlato
Foglia Argento
Foglia Oro
Grigio Faber
Grigio Scuro
MI 01
MI 02 Naturale
MI 01 Sfumato Nero
Oro Zecchino Sfumato Argento
Oro Sfumato Avorio
Oro Sfumato Bianco
Oro Sfumato Nero
Oro Zecchino Sfumato Oro Perlato
Oro Zecchino
PD 92
Oro Perlato Chiaro
Rosso Cina Sfumato Nero
Rosso Corallo Sfumato Oro
Rosso Faber
Rovere Antik
Tabacco Sfumato
Turchese Normale
Verde Inglese Antik
VR 96